About Cheryl

I have been doing readings and teaching professionally for over 10 years. As a child and teenager growing up I always knew there was more to life than what we could see with our eyes. I began questioning my parents about reincarnation as a young child. This was not well received and I was told there was no such thing. I accepted that but continued to be curious. As a young adult I began to delve more into the metaphysical field reading all of the books I could find on any subject pertaining to this broad field. While working as a nurse for many years I saw evidence on a regular basis of spirits and energies that we could not see, yet they were affecting us in a positive way. I seriously dove into the field 15 years ago when I began studying with Sandy Anastasi, world renowned psychic medium. I eventually became a certified teacher for the Anastasi System of Psychic Development. I have continued to improve my skill, abilities and my gift by studying with other well known psychic mediums such as Tony Stockwell, John Holland and Janet Nohavec. Last year I completed Lisa Williams’s Advanced Mediumship Course and am listed as a certified psychic medium and certified spiritual advisor on Lisa’s website.

I feel honored that the spirit world, guides, angels and loved ones are willing to use me as a conduit to connect and give us information and help with our lives in the physical world.

Each reading I do is special as it is an opportunity to not only provide information, but demonstrate to my client that there are helpers on “the other side” that we cannot see that are willing to assist us in our daily lives.